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Crown Lengthening in Seattle

Clinical Crown Lengthening: A Patient’s Guide

Clinical crown lengthening is a surgical procedure that involves adjusting the gum line to expose more of the tooth structure. This procedure is performed for both functional and aesthetic reasons. In this brochure, we will discuss the two main types of clinical crown lengthening, the process of the procedure, what you can expect during the procedure, and the recovery process.

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Types of Clinical Crown Lengthening:

Esthetic and Functional Crown Lengthening in Seattle and Kent, WA
  • Functional Crown Lengthening: This type of crown lengthening is performed to address a functional issue, such as tooth decay or gum disease. The procedure is performed to ensure that the tooth is properly restored, as well as to ensure optimal oral health
  • Aesthetic Crown Lengthening: This type of crown lengthening is performed for aesthetic reasons. It involves adjusting the gum line to expose more of the tooth structure, creating a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

The Clinical Crown Lengthening Procedure: The clinical crown lengthening procedure is performed by a periodontist. Before the procedure, you will receive a local anesthetic to numb the area where the procedure will be performed. The periodontist will then remove excess gum tissue to expose more of the tooth structure. Once the desired amount of tooth structure has been exposed, the periodontist will close the incisions using sutures.

Patient Experience: During the procedure, you will feel pressure, but should not feel any pain. After the procedure, you will experience some swelling and discomfort, which can be managed with over-the-counter pain medication. You will also be given post-operative instructions to follow to ensure a successful recovery.

The recovery period for clinical crown lengthening varies from patient to patient. Most patients experience some swelling and discomfort for the first few days after the procedure. However, the swelling and discomfort should subside within a week. You will be given a follow-up appointment at pacific Northwest periodontics to monitor your progress and ensure that the healing process is proceeding as expected.

How Crown Lengthening Can Improve Oral Health

Crown Lengthening In Seattle, WA

Crown lengthening is a dental procedure that involves removing gum tissue, bone, or both to expose more of a tooth’s structure. Here’s how it can improve oral health:

  1. Treating Decay or Damage: When a tooth has significant decay or damage below the gum line, crown lengthening can reveal more of the tooth, allowing a dentist to remove the decay or restore the tooth effectively.
  2. Improving Oral Hygiene: By exposing more of the tooth’s surface, crown lengthening can make it easier to clean the tooth thoroughly, reducing the risk of plaque buildup, decay, and gum disease. Moreover, by reshaping the gums and exposing more of the tooth, it can create a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing smile, which can boost confidence and encourage better oral care habits.
  3. Facilitating Restorative Work: For restorative procedures like crowns, fillings, or bridges, sufficient tooth structure needs to be exposed for the restoration to adhere properly. Crown lengthening creates the necessary space to support these restorative treatments.
  4. Preventing Gum Inflammation: In some cases, crown lengthening helps reduce the depth of gum pockets around a tooth, making it less likely for bacteria and food particles to get trapped, thus preventing gum inflammation and periodontal disease.

Why You Should Trust the Periodontists at Pacific Northwest for Crown Lengthening

Seattle, WA Crown Lengthening

Our team includes two of the state’s top periodontists: Dr. Darrin Rapoport and Dr. Riccardo Di Gianfilippo. General dentists frequently refer their patients to our practice for crown lengthening for the following reasons:

Specialized Training: Our periodontists are dental specialists with advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to the gums and supporting structures of the teeth. Their expertise makes them particularly well-suited to perform crown lengthening, as this procedure involves altering both gum tissue and sometimes bone.

Comprehensive Approach: Since crown lengthening involves both the gums and potentially the underlying bone, a periodontist’s comprehensive understanding of these structures ensures the procedure is done safely and effectively. They can evaluate the tooth’s support structures and determine how much tissue needs to be removed without compromising oral health.

Precision: Crown lengthening requires precision, particularly in determining how much gum tissue and bone should be removed to expose the right amount of tooth structure. Our periodontists are skilled at achieving the necessary balance, minimizing the risk of complications.

Post-Procedure Care: Our periodontists provide specialized post-procedure care to ensure proper healing and prevent infection. They also offer advice on maintaining gum health and avoiding potential complications, such as gum recession or sensitivity.

Handling Complex Cases: For cases where crown lengthening involves not just gum tissue but also bone, our periodontists have the skills and experience to handle these complex situations. This makes them particularly useful for patients requiring significant dental restorations.

Crown Lengthening Costs

Crown lengthening costs can vary significantly depending on the total number of teeth being treated. When crown lengthening is performed for medical purposes, the treatment is often covered in part by dental insurance. Financing options are available to help patients cover the full cost of their procedure, as necessary.

Clinical crown lengthening is a surgical procedure that can help improve your oral health and enhance the appearance of your smile. If you are considering this procedure, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with a Pacific Northwest periodontics to determine if it is the right option for you. With proper care and follow-up, you can enjoy the benefits of clinical crown lengthening for many years to come.

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