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Sinus Augmentation Surgery: Understanding the Procedure and its Benefits.

If you are missing teeth in the upper jaw, you may be a candidate for sinus augmentation surgery prior to implant placement. This procedure is designed to increase the height of the jawbone in the area of the missing teeth, making it possible to place dental implants that are more stable and secure. In this brochure, we will discuss the reasons that require sinus augmentation surgery, the different types of augmentation, and the benefits of this procedure.

Why is Sinus Augmentation Required?

The upper jaw is often the first area of the jawbone to deteriorate after tooth loss. When this occurs, the sinus cavity, which is located above the jawbone, may enlarge, reducing the amount of available jawbone for implant placement. Sinus augmentation surgery is used to add bone material to the upper jaw, increasing the height of the jawbone and creating more space for dental implants.

Types of Sinus Augmentation

There are two main types of sinus augmentation: direct and indirect.

  1. Direct Sinus Augmentation: During direct sinus augmentation, bone material is placed directly into the sinus cavity through a small incision in the gum. This is typically performed when the sinus cavity is located close to the jawbone and there is a limited amount of available bone.
  2. Indirect Sinus Augmentation: During indirect sinus augmentation, a graft material is placed into the sinus cavity and left to heal for several months. Once the graft has integrated with the surrounding bone, a dental implant can be placed. This technique is often used when a larger amount of bone is needed to support the implant.

Relative Risks and Benefits

Like all surgical procedures, sinus augmentation carries some risks, including infection, bleeding, and discomfort. However, the procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia and is well-tolerated by most patients. In addition, the benefits of sinus augmentation include:

  1. Increased Jawbone Height: Sinus augmentation adds bone material to the jaw, increasing the height of the jawbone and creating more space for dental implants.
  2. High Predictability: Sinus augmentation is a highly predictable procedure, with a high success rate and low risk of complications.
  3. Long-Term Success: Sinus augmentation provides long-term benefits, helping to ensure the stability and success of dental implants.

Sinus augmentation is a common procedure that is performed prior to implant placement in the upper jaw. The procedure is designed to increase the height of the jawbone, providing a stable foundation for dental implants. If you are missing teeth in the upper jaw, Visit pacific Northwest periodontics about the benefits of sinus augmentation and find out if this procedure is right for you.

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