What Happens If I Do Not Replace A Missing Tooth?

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Missing teeth can significantly affect your oral health and can even impact your self-image, making you feel less confident showing your smile in front of others. With the many restorative options offered at Pacific Northwest Periodontics, Dr. Rapoport makes it convenient for patients to receive the care they need to restore and maintain their smiles. Ahead, learn more about the consequences of not replacing missing teeth.

Diminished Chewing and Speaking Function

When your teeth are missing, it can become challenging to bite and chew food, making it hard to nourish the body with the important vitamins and nutrients it needs. It can also make it a challenge to speak clearly. Even one missing tooth can cause a major disruption to the healthy function of your mouth.

Loss of Support

The teeth support other oral structures, such as the cheeks. This means that the mouth area may begin to sag, leaving patients with an even bigger cosmetic concern. This issue can be rectified with a restoration such as a dental implant, which restores the look and function of the missing tooth.

Shifting of Remaining Teeth

Gaps in your smile allow for the neighboring teeth to shift into the empty spaces. This can impact the alignment of the teeth. Additionally, when teeth are lost or missing, you often rely on the teeth that are left, which puts them at risk of experiencing excessive wear and tear, damage, and even additional tooth loss.

Tooth Replacement Options

It is best to replace missing teeth as soon as possible to avoid major disruptions to your appearance and oral health. Consider the following tooth replacement options:

Dental implants: Dental implants are composed of three parts: the implant, which resembles a screw and is placed into the jaw where it fuses; the crown, which serves as the tooth; and an abutment, which connects the two and ensures a secure fit. They are an ideal solution for those who experience tooth loss due to decay, tooth root fracture, gum disease, or injury.

Implant-supported dentures: Patients who have more than one missing tooth may benefit from implant-supported dentures, which can replace an entire arch. As the name suggests, this treatment involves anchoring dentures to the jawbone using implants, for a natural and secure tooth replacement option.

Discuss your Options for Tooth Replacement

Dr. Rapoport specializes in implant dentistry and has delivered optimal results to many patients. Take the first step toward a beautiful new smile by contacting our office for a consultation.

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