Tips for Selecting the Best Toothbrush for Optimal Oral Health

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A great toothbrush is the cornerstone of your dental hygiene. When choosing a toothbrush, it is important to focus on several characteristics, but the choices currently on the market can be overwhelming to sort through when you consider size, shape, hardness, and other factors. The team at Pacific Northwest Periodontics is passionate about patient education. Below, they provide tips for toothbrush selection.

Electric vs Manual Toothbrushes

When considering different toothbrushes, the first decision that most individuals arrive at is whether to get a manual or electric toothbrush. However, this choice comes down to preference and your PNW dentist’s recommendations. For example, if you are able to keep your teeth clean with your current manual electric toothbrush, and your oral health is not being compromised, you may not need to switch to an electric brush. However, there are several other elements to consider.

Soft or Hard Bristles

In general, toothbrushes with softer bristles are recommended. They allow you to thoroughly clean the surfaces of the teeth without scarring or damaging delicate gum tissue. If you are used to brushing with hard bristles, it can be a challenge to adjust to softer bristles. However, angling the toothbrush correctly and using a powered toothbrush or one with layered bristles can help you achieve the clean feeling you desire.

Consider the Size of the Toothbrush Head

The size of the toothbrush head can render a toothbrush more or less effective, depending on your dental anatomy. Smaller, narrower toothbrush heads may be beneficial when trying to reach the nooks and crannies within the mouth.

Be Mindful of the Handle

Your toothbrush’s handle directly contributes to the comfort you experience while brushing. If a toothbrush is cumbersome to use, patients may rush through brushing to get it over with, failing to eliminate plaque and other bacteria. Find a toothbrush that is comfortable to hold and easy to maneuver.

Brushing Tips

The best toothbrush can still leave you with leftover food debris and a film of plaque over your teeth if used incorrectly, which is why having a solid understanding of basic brushing techniques is important for optimal oral health. Brush for two minutes, focusing time on the upper left and right, and the lower left and right quadrants of the mouth. Also, use circular sweeping motions over the surfaces of the teeth to help eliminate bacteria at the gumline.

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