How Advanced Dental Technology Optimizes Diagnosis and Treatment

Dental Technology in Kent

In a world that is constantly changing, patient-focused fields are keeping pace, especially dentistry. Over the years, dental technology has consistently advanced, offering the latest diagnostic tools and treatment to patients. At Pacific Northwest Periodontics, cutting-edge dental technology is a standard part of patient care, enhancing safety, comfort, and accuracy in diagnosis and treatment. Continue reading to learn more about our technology.


A perioscopy is a dental procedure that involves the use of an endoscope, a tiny camera that captures and illuminates the treatment area so that it is more visible. It is an excellent tool for patients suffering from gum disease. Typically, root planing and scaling are used to get rid of plaque from the teeth and gums. Perioscopy enhances this therapy. When used, it gives our doctors a detailed view of the tooth root surfaces and gums, which allows for accurate and complete removal of the harmful plaque and bacteria from beneath the gum line.


A CBCT scan is a technology that is used in treatment plans that involve dental implants. Short for cone-bean computer tomography, a CBCT system captures multiple images from several angles as it rotates around the patient. The images that are obtained by the scan are then used to reproduce a 3D view of your teeth and jaws. These scans are an important part of dental implant treatment as they provide superior image quality and a complete view of your dental anatomy. In addition, this convenient experience lasts only minutes and delivers a lower dose of radiation when compared to other options.

Intraoral Scanner

At PWN, intra oral scanners are a must for providing an optimal patient experience. It is used to create accurate digital dental impressions in a matter of minutes, eliminating the need for traditional impressions that require trays and dental putty. Impressions are an essential part of creating well-fitting dental restorations, such as dental implants.

Zygoma Dental Implants

Many patients require dental implants but may not have sufficient jawbone to support it. Zygoma dental implants are beneficial in these cases, as this procedure anchors artificial teeth to the zygomatic bone. This treatment option is possible with the use of advanced imaging technology offered at our facility.

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The experts at Pacific Northwest Periodontics believe that every patient is entitled to customized, high-quality dental care that enhances the health and appearance of their smile in addition to their quality of life. The technology offered at our facility allows for enhanced diagnosis and treatment planning. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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