4 Benefits of Relaxation Dentistry

Although Drs. Darrin Rapoport abd Ida Zarrabi go above and beyond to ensure their patients feel comfortable during any procedure at Pacific Northwest Periodontics, the truth is that many patients have preexisting anxiety surrounding dental appointments. Relaxation dentistry uses safe techniques to ensure that you are calm and comfortable for the duration of your appointment. Benefits of this service include:

1. Anxiety and Pain Vanish

No matter the source of your fears, the medication used in relaxation dentistry ensures that a calmness falls over your body and mind. Rather than twitching, cringing and actively dreading the entire procedure, you can lay back and virtually ignore that you are at the dentist.

Additionally, relaxation dentistry helps to dull your sense of pain. Although most dentists will numb your mouth for any procedure that may hurt, you are unlikely to notice even moderate discomfort while in this relaxed state.

2. The Procedure Progresses with Ease

In your relaxed state, you should have less trouble keeping your mouth open and be less likely to trigger a gag reflex. This allows your dentist to work more efficiently, getting you in and out of the office sooner. Relaxation dentistry is also a good solution for longer procedures. A procedure that might normally be broken up into multiple appointments to make it more manageable can be performed all at once. Moreover, since you will have difficulty perceiving time while in this state of relaxation, even a long procedure does not feel so long.

3. You Have Choices

Pacific Northwest Periodontics offers multiple types of relaxation dentistry to best accommodate each patient’s preferences and medical concerns. Our dentists can provide you with oral sedatives, nitrous oxide relaxation (aka laughing gas) and IV relaxation that puts you in a state of “twilight sleep.” We also have general anesthesia available, though it is usually reserved for the most comprehensive surgeries.

4. You May Forget the Procedure Ever Happened

Although patients remain conscious with IV sedation, most have foggy, incomplete memories of what happened during the dental procedure. Some patients forget the appointment entirely, which can be a benefit for those concerned about forming new memories that add to their dental fears. Plus, you will probably have a much easier time returning for subsequent dental visits if you cannot recall your previous experience.

Learn More about Relaxation Dentistry

Not all dentist offices offer relaxation services, which is why Pacific Northwest Periodontics is a popular choice among patients who have anxiety. We are proud to help patients stay calm and content while receiving essential dental care. To hear more about what relaxation dentistry can do for you, call our friendly team at (206) 575-1086

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