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Why Choose A Dental Implant Specialist in Seattle, WA

Your Smile Stands Out In The Crowd. Your Implant Dentist Should, Too.

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Specialists are More Affordable in the Long-Run

Leaving your oral health to chance by choosing cheap implants or seeing anyone other than an experienced implant specialist may cost you more than you ever expected to pay, in time, comfort and money. Visiting a Seattle dental implant expert who fully understands how implants act in the mouth and ways to mitigate potential pitfalls is crucial to your health and smile.

Dr. Rapoport explains why it’s so vital to choose a dental implant specialist when seeking permanent tooth replacement.
Why You Should See a Specialist Seattle, WA

Why Choose Pacific Northwest for Your Implants?

  • Advanced training in planning, placement and maintenance
  • Refined skills and extensive experience
  • Insight non-specialists do not have time to cultivate
  • Advanced knowledge in bone health
  • Reduced risk of implant failure
  • Management and treatment of implant complications
  • Board Certified Periodontist
  • Expert planning of implant surgery for the optimal positioning of replacement teeth
  • Partners with Board Certified Prosthodontist (one of only 20 in the state) for creation and placement of new teeth
  • Recognition as Top Dentist by Seattle Metropolitan Magazine for four consecutive years
  • Specialized surgical practices to protect against infection
  • Greater than 10,000 implants placed at a 98 percent rate of success
  • Treatment fully customized to each patient’s needs (never a one-size-fits-all approach)
  • Extremely personalized, friendly care in a soothing, welcoming environment
  • Membership with elite organizations like the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, American Academy of Periodontology and Seattle-King County Dental Society
  • Values long-term patient relationships focused on maintaining implant health over time

Why Dr. Hess Recommends the Specialists at Pacific Northwest

“Would I send my friends and family to Dr. Rapoport? Absolutely.”

“When a colleague asks me ‘who do I refer to?’ – its a slam dunk. Its Dr. Schuler and Dr. Rapoport.”

“I think you really saved my wife’s life.”

Dr. Darrin Rapoport has spent years successfully placing implants. Contact our practice today and reserve your implant consultation.