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Implants Afford the Most Comfortable, Lifelike Options for Tooth Replacement

Living without a full set of teeth impacts your ability to eat, speak and enjoy life to the fullest. As a highly experienced implant expert having performed over 10,000 implant surgeries, Dr. Darrin Rapoport offers the opportunity replace your missing teeth and regain control of your smile with the long term solution of dental implants. Implants provide abundant flexibility and versatility, and can be applied in nearly every case where tooth loss has or will soon occur.

Dr. Rapoport discusses the ideal implant candidate.
Tooth Replacement Options Seattle, WA

In the United States alone, 178 million people have lost at least one tooth.


Over 25 million U.S. adults are completely edentulous (without any teeth).


90 percent of those who suffer from edentulism have dentures.

Our Implant Solutions Restore Health, Confidence and Function

Single Dental Implants

Single-tooth implants allow for individual replacement of teeth missing anywhere in the mouth. Implants integrate firmly with bone, replacing both root and crown portions of teeth and with proper care, produce permanent, lasting results.

Implant Supported Dentures

Full-arch tooth replacement is comfortable and secure with implant denture solutions. Supported by two or more implants, these appliances are ideal for those transitioning from traditional dentures or when facing multiple extractions.

All-on-4® Implant Technique

Whether suffering from bone loss or tired of dealing with removable dentures, you can enjoy a stable, esthetic, full-arch tooth replacement solution with same-day All-on-4® implants.

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Dr. Rapoport has been named Seattle Metropolitan Magazine’s Top Dentist for four consecutive years, and has put together a world class team for delivering predictable, painless implant outcomes. With high-end esthetics from our Board Certified Prosthodontist to relaxing sedation solutions administered by our anesthesiologist, Dr. Rapoport and our team are ready to help you reestablish and maintain your oral health, now and into the future.

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Testimonials Seattle WA
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Testimonials Seattle WA

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