Periodontist Terms You Need To Know – Part 2

Welcome back to our blog here at Pacific Northwest Periodontics. This is part two of our blog series about the top periodontist terms you should know. Although you certainly don’t need to know anything about periodontology before visiting a periodontist, it’s always helpful to understand some of the main terms they will be using about your oral health. Here at Pacific Northwest Periodontics, we take pride in providing every patient with high-quality treatment options and dental consultations that take into account your goals and long-term success. Contact us today to learn more.

All-on-4® Dental Implants

As opposed to single-tooth dental implants, All-on-4® dental implants are designed to replace a full arch of teeth. Instead of using a single implant to replace each tooth, the All-On-4 procedure allows you to place a full row of teeth on only four implants. The great thing about this procedure is that your new teeth will be just as durable, but the procedure is much less invasive and much more practical if you’re missing more teeth than you have left. Ultimately, it’s best to consult with your periodontist to see what dental implant procedure is best for you.

Bone Grafting

If you have been missing a tooth for quite some time, you may need what is called a bone graft in order for your jawbone to be able to accept dental implants. Bone tissue begins to resorb immediately after a tooth is lost since it requires stimulation from a tooth in order to maintain bone tissue. Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that will prepare the area for osseointegration with a dental implant.


Osseointegration is the process of the jawbone attaching itself to the dental implant. This works in the same way that a natural tooth is attached to the jawbone and is held in place with the same periodontal functions. This means your dental implants will feel and look natural while remaining stable just like a natural tooth.


Whenever the subject of prosthesis is brought up, biocompatibility is brought into question. Biocompatibility refers to the ability of a material to interact with human tissue without causing problems. Dental implants use titanium which has proven to be the most biocompatible material for this procedure.

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