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Occlusion (Biting Alignment) Treatment in Seattle, WA


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Proper Tooth Alignment Is a Necessity

Teeth provide far more than serving as the center of a beautiful smile. Occlusion, or how your teeth come together when biting, is of paramount importance to enjoying life. Without occlusion, your ability to eat and smile confidently is severely impaired. Dr. Darrin Rapoport understands occlusion from a number of vantage points, given his history as a general dentist and implant specialist, and can restore your bite for maximum function.

Why Is Occlusion Important?

Occlusion is everything. From proper chewing function to oral comfort and implant health, occlusion plays a vital role in nearly every aspect relating to your mouth. Problems with occlusion lead to certain oral risks, such as:

  • Jaw joint pain
  • Muscle problems
  • Bite issues
  • Wear on tooth surfaces
  • Chips or breaks in restorations
  • Fractured, broken or loose teeth
  • Fractured broken or loose implants

Protect Your Implants From an Imbalanced Bite

It is important to ensure your implants are successful, which may require services like occlusal adjustments or occlusal guards. Dr. Rapoport begins by evaluating and treating any systemic issues contributing to occlusal problems, treating you as a whole rather than tooth-by-tooth.

Tooth replacement is the number one reason patients visit Dr. Rapoport. As such, occlusion plays a key role in implant success, but it often ignored. Establishing ideal occlusion is dynamic, and may require multiple adjustments over years to maintain. We foster a long-term relationship to ensure your implants remain healthy as time progresses. A leading implant dentist and rated one of Seattle Metropolitan Magazine’s Top Dentists four years straight, Dr. Rapoport is the expert to turn to for occlusal issues threatening your implants.

Protect your smile and quality of living, and schedule your occlusal health consultation with Dr. Rapoport today.