Get a brand new smile in just one day

If you've ever been unhappy with your smile, it's now easier than ever to make a change.

Doctor Darrin Rapoport from Pacific Northwest Periodontics stopped by New Day NW to explain how you can get a completely new set of teeth in just one day!

He showed us how exactly dental implants work, in particular, the all-on-4 procedure. This breakthrough technique gives a person a whole new set of teeth with just four implants, one for each arch of the mouth. The all-on-4 procedure can now be done in just one day at Pacific Northwest Periodontics.

The latest techniques in gum grafting

It's important to keep your mouth healthy, and that goes beyond just taking care of your teeth!

Sometimes our gums need a little bit of help too. Doctor Darrin Rapoport from Pacific Northwest Periodontics from Pacific Northwest Periodontics stopped by New Day NW to show us some of the latest techniques in gum grafting.

The doctor also explained what causes the need for a gum graft, and what the different surgery options include. He also brought along one of his patients, Melissa King, who also happens to be one of his dental assistants, to have her share what her gum grafting experience was like.

The benefits of dental perioscopy

When it comes to taking care of our mouths, sometimes we need to go beyond what the human eye can see. Doctor Darrin Rapoport and dental hygienist Clare Zuvela from Pacific Northwest Periodontics stopped by New Day NW to talk about the important benefits of perioscopy.

Perioscopy uses advanced microscopic video technology enabling hygienists to fix problems below the gum line without surgery. The fiber optic camera placed below the gum line allows the hygienist to see exactly where needs to be cleaned.

Teeth in a Day, a new procedure as reported by Jean Enersen, KING 5 News

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Dental Implants Seattle

Well, mention the word "dentures" and baby boomers will cringe. But the alternatives, like implants, are costly and can take up to two years to complete. Well now a local Periodontist is the first in our state to take a new approach. It gets the job done in a day. Continue reading about Teeth-in-a-Day,Immediate Dental Implants


Immediate Dental Implants - New Procedure, "Teeth-in-a-Day"

Dr. Rapoport is the first in our state to take a new approach that gets the job done in a single day. The all-on-four implant costs about $27,000 for the upper teeth, which is partially covered by insurance. By comparison, Dr. Rapoport says doing multiple individual implants can take up to two years and cost upwards of $75,000.

Tooth Replacement in A Day by reStor™ (TRIAD™)

This is a revolutionary process in which our team of experienced dental specialists use dental implants to replace dentures as well as missing, decayed and diseased teeth with an anchored (fixed) full arch tooth replacement solution that looks, functions and feels like natural teeth. In most cases there is only a single surgical appointment and the majority of patients can be treated without the need for bone grafting. Best of all, the TRIAD™ procedure is affordable on almost any budget!

Improved health. Less time. Trained specialists. Cost-effective. Isn’t this worth your investment?



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