How Often Do Dental Implants Need to Be Checked by a Dentist?

Checking dental implantsYour new dental implants provide you with a bright new smile and new lease on life. However, it’s critical to maintain your implants, and for that reason your dentist might want you to schedule an appointment more often than the standard semi-annual visits. That’s especially true right after you receive your implants. The dentists at Pacific Northwest Periodontics want to ensure there is no gum inflammation brewing, and that the implants are correctly bonding with your jawbone. Although you may have to visit us a bit more often than before, by doing so you help to ensure that your dental implants will last the rest of your life.


When you visit the dentist to have your implants checked, one of the first things the dentist looks for is whether proper osseointegration is occurring. Osseointegration is the way your jawbone reacts to the implant, and generally lasts up to six months. During this period, the bone in the jaw grows around the dental implant, adding more support as time passes.

The titanium implant placed directly into the bone is a biocompatible material, meaning your body should not reject it. Instead, your body accepts this long-lasting, tough material and allows tissue to grow around it. Regular checkups allow the dentist to monitor your rate of osseointegration and make sure everything is progressing smoothly.

Dental Implant Care

The key to success with dental implants lies in proper care. The dentist provides you with thorough instructions for daily care so that your implants remain healthy and in top condition. As with your natural teeth, flossing and regular brushing are the most important aspects of oral hygiene for dental implants. Along with regular daily care, a visit to the dentist every three to four months can prevent possible complications from minor infections.

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