Dental Implants Frequently Asked Questions

What are the symptoms of Gingivitis?

Some of the symptoms of Gingivitis are Red, puffy, swollen, bleeding gums are all signs of gingivitis.  Read more

What causes Periodontal Diseases?

Periodontal disease is caused by plaque. Plaque is a colorless film which sticks to your teeth and gum line. If not carefully removed, this plaque will harden into a rough, porous substance known as calculus or tartar. The bacteria found in plaque produce toxins that irritate the gums. These toxins and the infections they cause, lead to periodontal disease. Read more

What is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease is a disorder that affects the supporting structures of the teeth. This infection is often referred to as gum disease. Once the process of has begun, the supporting gum tissue begin to deteriorate. Read more

What is Gingivitis?

Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums. It is usually caused by a reaction to the bacterial biofilm (sometimes referred to as plaque) that grows around the teeth. Read more

What is Periodontitis?

An infection of the gums that affects the supporting structures of the teeth. Periodontal disease is caused by the bacteria found in plaque. Read more

Does Gingivitis lead to Periodontitis?

While it is possible to have gingivitis that does not progress to periodontitis, if gingivitis goes untreated, it will very likely develop into periodontitis. Read more

What are the symptoms of Periodontitis?

Early periodontitis can have no symptoms, which is why 3 out of 4 people are affected by periodontal disease. Once the process of periodontitis has set in, the supporting gum tissue, bone and ligaments that hold teeth in place begin to deteriorate. This can lead to bad breath, increasing space between the teeth, tooth mobility or deep aching pain around the teeth. In advanced cases, abscess may form between the roots and gums. Read more

Is Periodontitis linked to other Diseases?

Recent studies suggest that having periodontitis may increase the risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and pneumonia. In addition, women with periodontitis have an increased risk of delivering preterm low birth weight babies. Read more

After I have been treated for Periodontitis, can I get it again?

Yes, periodontitis is a chronic disease caused by bacteria. It must be maintained once under control. Read more

How will I benefit from Dental Implants?

Dental implants are life changing. They can restore your active lifestyle and take away the anxiety often caused by missing teeth or loose dentures. With periodontal implants you can work, play and eat whatever you like without worrying about your teeth! Dental implants are the permanent solution to a temporary problem. Read more

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