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Excess Gum Tissue Impacts Health and Appearance

Excess or overgrown gum tissue affects not only the balance of the smile, but also harbors harmful oral bacteria and increases the risk of progressing gum disease. Crown lengthening eliminates this excess, leaving behind a gorgeous, healthier smile. Reasons to consider Crown Lengthening are:

  • Smooths an irregular gum line
  • Reduces risk of periodontal infection
  • Reveals larger surface area of tooth structure
  • Enables access to root surface decay or deep damage

The Right Service for Your Needs

Practicing since 1990, Dr. Darrin Rapoport has spent countless hours restoring oral health. His background as a general dentist provides him an acute understanding of restorative and cosmetic requirements of patients, including the need for services that offer multi-faceted solutions, like crown lengthening procedures. Crown lengthening may be performed in two ways, each targeting a specific need within the mouth.

Crown Lengthening

Esthetic Crown Lengthening

Designed to rebalance the smile, esthetic crown lengthening removes the right amount of tissue to create a proper tooth-to-gum ratio. Correcting a “gummy smile” enhances health and appearance.
Crown Lengthening

Functional Crown Lengthening

The removal of gum tissue and underlying bone to allow greater access for tooth restoration is known as functional crown lengthening. Exposing more of the crown structure allows access to deep decay or other damage in preparation for a crown or filling.

The Proof is in Our Patients

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Functional Crown Lengthening

Enjoy Lasting Benefits With Crown Lengthening

  • Single-visit procedure
  • Restores balance to the smile
  • Improves oral health
  • Enables better oral hygiene ability
  • Enhances cosmetic appearance
  • Rebuilds confidence and self-esteem

The conditions of excess gum tissue and deep-access restorative problems only worsen when left unaddressed. Schedule your visit with Dr. Rapoport today.