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Aesthetic Clinical Crown Lengthening

Do like your smile and the appearance of your mouth? Are you self- conscious in social situations or during important times like job interviews, formal functions, family gatherings, or business events?
As you probably already know, first impressions are very important in so many varied aspects of your life.

Crooked, shortened or blackened teeth, recessed or uneven gum lines and missing teeth can all lead to increased self- consciousness and unnecessary increased stress.

Perhaps you have short teeth and a "gummy smile"?


Functional Crown Lift Preop


Functional Crown Lift post op

The good news is that cosmetic periodontal surgery performed by Dr. Darrin Rapoport or Dr. Ralf Schuler at Pacific Northwest Specialists in Periodontics & Implant Dentistry in Seattle, Washington can restore your smile back to beautiful and give you a wonderful new sense of self-confidence.

Advanced cosmetic dentistry and cosmetic periodontal surgery are a safe and predictable way for you to regain your smile. Many of Dr. Rapoport and Dr. Schuler's patients experience benefits that go beyond their smiles and into their personal lives.

Dr. Rapoport and Dr. Schuler perform these advanced cosmetic procedures by reshaping the gum and supporting tissues. This cosmetic dental procedure will allow general dentists adequate room to place quality final restoration crowns.

At Pacific Northwest Periodontics & Implant Dentistry in Seattle, Washington, there are a number of advanced cosmetic periodontal procedures that Dr. Rapoport and Dr. Schuler are specially trained and experienced in performing.

We invite you to come in for an aesthetic dentistry evaluation so our doctors can answer all of your questions and discuss the best cosmetic treatment options for you.

When you call for an appointment be rest assured you'll be receiving the absolute best and advanced care in dentistry in the metropolitan Seattle, Washington area.

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