All-on-Four Procedure Provides a New Smile in One Day

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As baby boomers are aging, more and more individuals are being required to receive Dental Implants and partial or full dentures. Certain genetics or hygiene have made it required for younger people to receive this type of treatment. These candidates or patients can now receive a full tooth replacement in a single day, thanks to the new procedure Pacific Northwest Periodontics performs called the All-on-Four.

Bellevue-reportIn the last year, two new clinics have opened recently devoted completely too this new procedure and Dr. Darrin Rapoport from Pacific Northwest Periodontics is very sure that the demand for this procedure will only increase.

Dr. Rapoport says, "In light of the healthcare reform, traditional treatments such as conventional dentures are suggested by insurance companies as acceptable tooth replacement options, when in most cases they are not acceptable. As patients consider out-of-pocket investments regarding their oral health, they consider reliability, long term maintenance and quality of life become all that much more important.”

The differences are particularly advanced and striking when comparing between the alternative dentures and the All-on-Four teeth replacement procedure. Dentures can manipulate and impair speech and diminish taste and bite capabilities, and in turn, affect your nutrition. Because the All-on-Four Teeth procedure is not connected across the roof of the mouth, these above concerns are not an issue at all. Patients are very often able to enjoy a meaningful dinner the night after a surgery.

All-on-fourThe All-on-Four procedure is not an immediate bargain compared to dentures; which is the less expensive of two treatment options. Considering the hefty maintenance fees and multiple surgeries (often with painful gum and bone grafting) that come with dentures and implant options, the All-on-Four's price becomes quite approachable when viewed in the long term. In the short term, the results - a beaming smile ¬can be seen, appreciated and enjoyed immediately, with a guarantee to span your entire life.Because dentures are mobile and not fixed to your jaw bone, many denture patients fear that their teeth will fall out during a conversation, and due to the difficulty involved in cleaning dentures, bad breath is another common occurrence and fear. The All-on-Four teeth and procedure is fixed and non-removable, and can be maintained and treated just as if you had normal teeth with brushing and flossing and normal teeth maintenance.

Here's a reason for you to Smile!

Now is the time to visit your dental professional.

All-on-4-procedureMost individuals wouldn't hesitate or blink to see a professional surgeon or doctor about abdominal or chest pain and yet most everyone is inclined to ignore dental or oral problems until the pain exceeds our threshold. In asking most people why they wait for dental assistance they say they are afraid that treatments will be painful and costly. If consistent focus and care is applied, most all oral maintenance can be very effective in a preventative way, which will for sure keep costs down in the long run. And new developments in dentistry will make dental work relatively painless and much more comfortable than it was in the past.

Taking care of your oral Health and your teeth might involve appointments with a whole team of players:

  • Good oral hygiene is your own responsibility – and a healthy diet and oral hygiene routine and focus include brushing and flossing consistently. This is the best and really the only way to avoid pain and emergency visits to a dental specialist.
  • Many are not aware of this, but a denturologist helps with peoples dentures. While having Dentures you must have regular checkups and adjustments to help avoid damage to the soft tissue and Bone. Sometimes the pain that will occur associated with prostheses is not a pleasant experience.

Dental-Brushed-for-Dental-ImplantsMost in American and North American are very lucky to be able to rely on professionals who are devoted to the Oral health of everyone’s teeth and mouths. So why wait to make an appointment with a specialist, make the appointment as soon as possible?

The dental hygienist will help you to keep your focus on your natural teeth and avoid oral disease. Prevention of disease and detection of Gum or Bone issues is the professional Dentist main goals. Twice yearly, the dentist should check each tooth for signs of decay and erosion as well as your gums for signs of periodontal disease. The dental professional will propose different strategies/treatments to keeping one's teeth or replacing them in order to protect the overall health of your mouth. Treatments might include procedures such as fillings, root canals, and crowns.

An orthodontist is consulted when teeth are misaligned and can treat all ages young and old very successfully. A professional periodontist such as Dr. Rapoport and Dr. Shuler will take care of any damaged soft tissue and bone that could allow teeth to become loose and fall out.

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