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Can my general dentist do a dental implant procedure?

Posted by Dr. Darrin Rapoport on Fri, Jun 06, 2014 @ 03:19 PM

Any dentist with a diploma and legally place an implant. However, a specialist with surgical training has taken additional years of schooling to learn proper surgical skills. You will want to make sure the doctor performing your implant procedure has extensive training and experience in the specific type of procedure you are receiving.

Additionally, other good questions to ask before choosing a doctor include:

  • Is your dentist a Board Certified Specialist?
  • Is there a list of the continuing education courses that your dentist has taken in the past 12-24 month?
  • How long has your dentist been placing dental implants?
  • How many dental implants does he or she place in a year?
  • What is their training in dental implants?
  • Does your dentist offer a comprehensive initial exam prior to diagnosis and treatment?
  • What type of safeguards are in place to protect against infections in Surgical Procedures?
  • How many dental implants does the dentist keep on hand (inventory)?
  • Does the dentist have the latest technology to diagnose and treat?
  • What type and brand of implants does your dentist use, and how dependable are they? How long have they been using the system?
  • What have been your most serious complications? How do you handle complications?

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