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Receding Gum Treatment in Seattle, WA

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Exceptional Results in Gum Recession Care

Gum recession is a common oral condition affecting the appearance of your smile and health of your teeth. As Seattle’s premier periodontal specialist, Dr. Darrin Rapoport has amassed extensive knowledge and experience in restoring the gum line to proper levels. He has performed more than 5000 gum grafts over the last 15 years, and relies on the Allen Tunnel Technique for gum recession to deliver the health-saving results your smile needs.

Why We Perform the Allen Tunnel Technique

  • More comfortable than other grafting methods
  • Minimizes discomfort and tissue trauma
  • Results equal to or surpass those of traditional gum grafts
  • Utilizes your own tissue for the greatest results
  • Covers and protects exposed root surfaces
  • Provides esthetic improvement to your smile
  • Improved integration of graft with surrounding tissue
  • Better healing over traditional grafting

Delivering Optimal Gum Health Is Our Specialty

A Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology and renowned for expert level skill in all phases of periodontal care, Dr. Rapoport focuses on delivering high quality, lasting results for your oral health. The Allen Tunnel Technique is revered as the most ideal way to restore a receding gum line, and is preferred by Dr. Rapoport for its proven, predictable outcomes in optimal gum health and appearance.

When it comes to your gum recession treatment, trust the periodontist other dentists themselves turn to for advanced, expert care. Regain control over your smile and oral health by scheduling your gum recession consultation with Dr. Rapoport today.