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Teeth in a Day, a new Immediate Dental Implant procedure,
as reported by Jean Enersen of KING 5 News

new teeth in a day
Listen to Jean Enersen report on a procedure for new teeth in a day that is being offered by Pacific Northwest Periodontics. Learn More >>

Teeth in a Day | Immediate Dental Implants

Pacific Northwest Periodontics is now offering a new, state of the art treatment for tooth replacement.  This new technology allows patients to have a new, natural-looking smile in just one day!

Teeth in a Day Before Teeth in a Day After

All on 4 Animation

All-On-4 from Jeff Egberg on Vimeo.

Teeth in a Day

This is a treatment ideal for patients with existing dentures, as well as for those who need to replace loose, severely decayed or failing teeth with a fixed tooth replacement option. Your new teeth will feel like permanent teeth, function like permanent teeth and are cared for like permanent teeth. 

Teeth in a Day is a tooth replacement process in which a full arch of missing teeth is replaced with 4 dental implants and fixed (non-removable) prosthesis.

If you are not a current candidate for full tooth replacement, keep in mind that Teeth in a Day may be the ideal solution for a friend or family member.  Advances in dental technology allow us to provide a superior result at an affordable price. The procedure can be completed in one day and the recovery time and discomfort is minimal. As one of our valued patients, we have negotiated special pricing for you with our treatment team. 

You can hear more from Dr. Rapoport's in a recent interview on The Dr. Pat Show regarding Teeth in a Day.

If you would like to find out more about Teeth in a Day, please contact a Care Coordinator to schedule an exam, or continue reading about Immediate Dental Implants.   

Care Coordinators can be reached at 877.253.2853.

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